Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rude People...

So, I'm sitting here in bed in my dorm trying to figure out what to write about, and these stupid people upstairs sound like they're either freaking wrestling or playing basketball upstairs. What the hell? I mean, do you not have any common courtesy, especially at 9:51? I mean, these girls have been running up and down our hall, slamming doors, laughing loudly, banging crap. I don't understand why people have to be so rude. I mean, yes, I understand it's a college dorm-and Clark at that-but, seriously, where is your filter?

That brings me to a bigger issue. Its surprising to me when I get a door held open anymore. As I walked to class earlier, I got honked at by a driver as I walked across a crosswalk, when they are supposed to yield for me. Screw you, whoever you are. I'm sorry I wasted 5 seconds of your life.

I really can't stand living in a dormitory. People are inconsiderate. And stupid. Let me move into an apartment already, at least I can complain and get something done, other than our bullcrap RA who does nothing whenever I ask him anything. He always just says "I'll get on it." Nothing ever happens. Once, an alarm clock went off for 2 hours in someone's dorm. 2 hours. Maybe just this college, and this city are rude. I really don't know. Although, I did have the world's rudest Journalism teacher last year.

I really wish there'd just be a bit of courtesy, but in today's society, that's just too much to ask. Ever try driving recently? In Denton, they have all these small entrance ramps. A COP SPED UP SO THAT I COULDN'T MERGE ON. YES, a COP. Even the cops are rude.

All I'm asking is just to be a little bit nicer. Not much. Just be a bit friendlier, if you can.

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  1. It's definitely not just UNT or Denton. It's everywhere. I wish I knew why some people were born without the "common courtesy" gene. I can't imagine living in the dorms. I'm in a single family home and am still regularly irritated by my neighbors. I think the worst time is right around the 4th of July. I mean, I understand that a night or two of fireworks are going to happen but when they were going off every single night for 10 days, my dogs, my kids, and I were about to lose it.

    As for the cars not wanting to stop at the crosswalk, I hate that! It's even worse if it's raining or really hot or something. The driver in his/her car is nice and dry or air-conditioned or whatever - can they not wait that 5-10 seconds for some people to cross the street who are actually out in the inclement weather?