Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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"Let's see you do better than the President."

You know, I'm really tired of hearing people tell me this. I saw it on Facebook, after one of my friends posted that he's tired of hearing people complain about President Obama, I posted my dislike with him, to which he replied "You are just like everyone else. Let's see you do better than him."

Well, of course I'm not going to do better than he is. But isn't that why he's the President? To do the job most people don't want to do? I certainly don't want the responsibility of an entire country on my back. I disagree with Obama, and greatly don't like him because I feel he does a bad job. Yet, why do I get attacked by people for criticizing him? Obviously I couldn't do as good of a job as he does-yet, that's not my job, nor my place. He hasn't lived up to his promises, and his policies go against everything I believe in. So, yes, I'll criticize Obama even if I know I couldn't do as good of a job as he does.

The American society nowadays is built on the fact that we aren't strong enough to be the President, usually, so we elect someone to do that job for us. We are a Representative Democracy. A representative democracy relies on criticism and competition from the American public, and from his opposite party. That's why I feel it's great when someone criticizes the President, even though they wouldn't do as good. Some people tend to be ridiculous, and take for granted their life as American, their rights, and I really tend to think they would be fine letting a dictator take over because "you couldn't do better". I'm the type of person who would die for his beliefs, speaking out against a dictator. Well, why not speak out against the President in a society that thrives on expressing your opinion?

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  1. You mean, not all college students are liberal?
    Seriously though, I do understand what you are saying. I feel that you(general) have the right to respectfully criticize elected officials only if you vote. If you sit idly by on election day and they bitch and moan for the next two/four/six years, I don't want to hear it.