Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To quote Thom Yorke, "I Might Be Wrong"...

I was at a Texans game the other night. After seeing a 4 year old child on a leash, I've made the assumption that our times are not as messed up as we think they are. How can it be any different than the 1950s when people couldn't walk outside without worrying the Kremlin was going to drop an A-bomb on their idealistic town?

We're all so scared of the world, and how "back in my day, we could spend all day outside and not worry about being kidnapped". Unfortunately, we're all way too aware because of tabloid news and television stations who make their news on the gruesome. And you all pay their bill so they can scare you. Ironic, isn't it?

It's really not any different. People are deathly scared of their children being taken advantage of "child predators". Why is it they are only scared now? Seriously, mental disorders are not "new". These mentally unstable people have always been alive. They've always been taking advantage of situations. They haven't been publicized by the news and parents until recently.

For example, I'd hate to live in the 50s. Between worries about the Atomic Bomb, yeah, you could go outside if you didn't come back inside without worrying about your father beating the living crap out of you. How's that for the "good ol' days"? Kids were safer out of the house then, and in my opinion they still are.

Hypocritical parents are to blame. How can you expect to discipline your kids when you lack discipline and screw their lives up? Seriously, divorce is awful on a child's psyche. Don't be a hypocrite and THINK about your children before you act stupidly by divorcing. You made the decision to have kids and you have to suffer so that kid can grow up and be happy.

Simply, our fault is we are way too aware. Let's all go back to being ignorant again, shall we? Life would be a whole lot simpler, and I think we'd all seem a whole lot smarter.

Maybe I'm way off base and our time really is whacked out. But I'm pretty sure I'm right on.

Wow, by the end of this post it's looking more and more to me *the parents* are the one who need to be on leashes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chevelle Sci-Fi Crimes 4.5/5

To quote online music database Allmusic’s review of Vena Sera, "Anyone left looking for a little more, well, they’ll be left looking." This quote describes what’s held Chevelle back for years and what makes Sci-Fi Crimes such a massive success. Chevelle successfully does that little bit more on their latest album, and the result is their most distinguished and exceptional album in their catalogue. Nearly abandoning the cliché loud/soft dynamics and overused angst-ridden vocals, Chevelle has settled for a more experimental sound much pulled away from their past albums-even the massive success of Wonder What’s Next. But fans won’t be left missing the early days of Chevelle, they'll only be left eager to hear more. Sci-Fi Crimes shows Chevelle’s persistence to be something more than mindless alternative rock. The guitars and dynamics merge with Pete Loeffler finally coming into his own vocal style, backed up by layers of raw distortion. Guitar solos emerge among songs that previously would have been left bare. Acoustic songs and interludes are put in place of filler songs (Midnight to Midnight and An Evening with El Diablo come to mind). There’s simply no below average songs on Sci-Fi Crimes; you can easily listen to the CD from start to finish without skipping a song. Chevelle does everything that they've done right on past albums, and doesn't do what they've done wrong before. This album's mixture of grit and groove will be enough to let Chevelle fans embrace this album, and all music fans to embrace this band.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Muse may very well save rock music...

I've been enamored by one of the most over-the-top and absolutely ridiculous rock bands recently, and this band happens to be a three-piece band from Britain with a fairly large back catalog. I've always been exposed to Muse however, I remember hearing Time is Running Out and not being impressed when it was new, and then hearing Black Holes and Revelations after it was given to me from some free release thing somewhere. But whatever the case, and however you may feel about Muse, it's amazing that they've gained as much popularity as they have. Muse is no normal "rock band", they are a hybrid of borderline alternative metal, art rock, progressive rock, and electronica. Not to mention, lead singer Matt Bellamy likes to sound like Radiohead with his insane falsetto and his unique voice. But it's amazing that this band has gained as much popularity as they have. A band that has been touting their new album-"The Resistance" as an amazingly over-the-top album with a "three-part symphony" shouldn't have gained as much popularity as they have.

In Britain, they've sold out Wimbley Stadium every time they play, and now they are opening up for U2 in America, with a lot of people I know going to see Muse foremost, and U2 just so they can say they've seen U2. With all of these garbage rock bands and rap music we've had to wade through since the beginning of the decade (Nickelback and Soulja Boy come to mind), it's pretty astonishing to see a band that actually makes fun, original, and actually makes "albums" that are meant to be played as an "album" gain as much popularity as they have.

That's why I think Muse may be the band to help save rock music. The end of all this "emo", "post-hardcore", "post-grunge" crap led by bands like Saving Abel, Nickelback, and Anberlin is coming, and I can't wait if radio and the masses will willingly indulge bands that have ballooned recently like Muse, Silversun Pickups, Shinedown, and Mute Math. But don't forget the awesome new songs by Chevelle and Alice in Chains that have been dominating airwaves too. Maybe there's a bit of hope, that's why I'm putting it all on Muse and hoping they'll be the band to save rock music.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beginning of Something...

I've been told by a variety of people that I should get a blog, and I figured it'd be a good way to get a lot of anger out, and well, my voice out on the internet, so I think it's a good idea in all actuality. I'll try to keep it updated and use it as an outlet about music, everyday life, politics, and other things I'm interested in.

Try and keep up.