Friday, October 15, 2010

Green campaigns make me vomit

Frito-Lay, makers of Sun Chips, recently pulled the "biodegradable" bags from the popular snacks because people claimed that the bags were too noisy. This is ridiculous, considering Frito-Lay has been trying to market themselves as environmentally friendly for a while now and this just cements my opinion that all these "green" campaigns by businesses are nothing more than lousy public relation campaigns to make the company seem sympathetic.

I don't believe in Global Warming, but our wastefulness is quite a nagging problem so when a company starts a green campaign, I'm usually intrigued. Worst comes from Coca-Cola, whose highly-touted recycling campaign has given them bundles of positive PR, yet, the company continues to operate their massively polluting plant on the holy river of the Ganges. Coca-Cola, we're not *all* stupid, you can stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes, now. Just admit you are trying to look good, and being a typical capitalist, and I'll stop complaining.

UNT's "We Mean Green" program is laughable, as a few electric cars and ticking students off over parking doesn't make you environmentally friendly. All your gas-guzzler maintenance vehicles need to be changed, and maybe once you start using different power sources other than coal you'll "Mean Green". And I don't even believe in global warming and this greenhouse gas crap, it's all just made up mumbo-jumbo by Al Gore in attempt to scare the masses and make people think he invented the internet. The Earth will warm and cool, it's part of a natural cycle, I think our strong atmosphere is strong enough to be able to break down carbon monoxide and I have scientific facts to back me up if you'd like to see. Yet, UNT, if you are going to make yourself seem all high-and-mighty environmentally friendly, actually do it. Stop posing.

I'm just so sick and tired of fake businesses trying to appeal to mind-numbingly dumb mass audience who believes the companies actually care for anything other than their bottom line.

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  1. Yeah, "going green" is all about jumping on the eco-friendly moneymaking bandwagon. Businesses do it because it's one more reason to buy their product. (But you have to admit, those chip bags were pretty damn noisy. :D) I couldn't agree more with you about global warming though, I think people are freaking out over nothing. It makes sense that we should do what we can to preserve the ozone but until solar cars become mainstream I just don't see it happening.